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Hello, my name is Thomas Hrouda, and I'm currently an Attorney acting as Director of Legal Affairs for a business acquisition and management company. As such I'm working as a hybrid of a general counsel and a business adviser.  I like to think of myself as a consigliere in training.  At this time, I am free to take on additional legal work as long as it doesn't create a conflict of interest with the company, or any of its portfolio companies, or any of their co-venturers or stakeholders.  Given how big the California Legal Market is, that probably shouldn't be a problem, but the California State Bar still requires me to do a formal conflicts check.  Ideally, the legal work should somehow complement and improve the skillset that I am expected to bring to the job of Director of Legal Affairs, otherwise I don't really see the point in doing it. And probably I don't want to do it.

I'm Licensed in the State of California, and I am also admitted to Federal Courts in the Central District of California. My long term background is in civil litigation with a business litigation focus.  The longer I did, the more I tried to specialize, though in the past, I've done work in various of areas of law, and bring an eclectic general background.  For example, I've handled Bankruptcy Adversary Proceedings, Real Estate Contract Disputes, Home-improvement/Construction Contract Disputes, Broker Liability, Architect Liability, Non-Profit Officer Liability, Loss Mitigation for Mortgage Fraud, Loss Mitigation for Property Damage, Unlawful Business Practices Claims,  Business-Related Torts, Employment Law violations, Landlord tenant both Residential and Commercial, and even a few personal injury cases.  I was an "in the trenches" small business street lawyer.  Still am at heart.  My most recent business litigation work related to breaches of LLC operating agreement and the ancilliary breach of fiduciary duty by LLC Members & Manager claims. Ironically, some of my work as a Director of Legal Affairs is trouble-shooting LLC operating agreements.  My goal as a Business Litigator is to resolve disputes, and learn about how things can go wrong in a business transaction. My goal as a Director of Legal Affairs is to prevent things from going wrong in the first place, by applying my experience to current problems in light of problems I've dealt with in the past.   

Right now, I'm interested in meeting visionary entrepreneurs, investors, and developers with cutting edge new businesses who can hire me to do legal work that will help me grow as an Attorney and maybe help me add value to the people I'm already working with.



As you can see, this page isn't search engine optimized to get new work, its not meant to be.  Its more of a personal webpage to provide information about who I am to people who already already know I exist, and did an organic search for my name.  I have a few other pages that I will be working on that will be very high tech (by which I mean: built on a wordpress platform, lol).  However, I will add a short bio, and some other details to this page.   I also have a few personal projects in the works, and when they are ready I will probably annouce them here.



Thomas Hrouda, Attorney at Law.

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