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Right now Tom is helping visionary entrepreneurs, investors & developers with lean management structures build cutting edge new businesses by providing legal risk management and personal asset protection planning. He is currently focusing on Asset Protection, Complex LLC Organization, SEC Compliance, Structuring EB-5 compliant investments, and real estate syndication in a general corporate practice.

Tom is looking to help business persons who want to create, modify, or negotiate custom Limited Liability Company ("LLC") Operating agreements in situations where a new business venture/partnership is being made or when a new investor is seeking to invest and join an existing Limited Liability Company. Tom is available to do certain types of due diligence work, general business legal consulting. With Tom's help, you can avoid bad and unfair contract terms, and reduce risk of mismanagement.


Tom has founded a Bankruptcy Law Firm to assist failed business entities, entrepreneurs who need a fresh start, and others who have need for specialized bankruptcy advising. His firm provides Debtor Bankruptcy Petition Services and Exemption Planning Services in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filings. With Tom's help, you can rebuild your life despite economic setbacks, preserve basic assets, and free yourself from excessive debt.

Tom also provides a niche serves of helping businesses do State Court supervised Corporate Dissolution when there are existing unpaid creditors and practical reasons that make Federal Bankruptcy Filing undesirable. Tom provides those services for Corporations, Limited Liability Corporations, and Partnerships.

Tom currently operates from a virtual home office located in Moreno Valley, and serves corporate clients throughout Southern California, and Bankruptcy Clients in the Central District of California with a focus on the Riverside Bankruptcy Court.  


Thomas Hrouda, Attorney at Law.

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